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Madang Lodge Hotel and Apartments is located 10 minutes from the Madang Airport on the main Modilon Road, just a few minutes from the town centre. Flights from Port Moresby and other PNG towns arrive into Madang Airport daily.

Madang is the capital of Madang Province, on the Northern coast of Papua New Guinea, three degrees south of the equator. The average high throughout the year is 30 Degrees Celcius with a low of approximately 23 Degrees Celcius.

Madang’s vibrant population is approximately 30,000 made up from a blend of cultures and ethnicities, where over 170 different languages have been identified.

Madang is considered one of the most beautiful, untouched and safe towns within PNG meaning there is a presence of NGO organisations, which have located their head offices here. As a result there is a larger number of expats living in Madang than the population alone would suggest.

The crystal clear waters and breathtaking reefs stretch the length of Madang’s coastline and surround the multitude of islands scattered throughout the Astrolabe Bay and beyond. The ocean geography and climate offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, in a location that’s completely untouched and free of an influx of commercial tourism.

Palm tree lined volcanic rock shoreline and white sandy beaches dominate the area and provide stunning tropical backdrops to every vista.

Fishing is subsistence for the locals in Madang and every morning and afternoon, traditional wooden canoes can be seen bobbing on the gentle ocean casting out hand lines in a technique that has been used for centuries. Madang attracts keen game fishing devotees, drawn to the area by the abundance of Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout, Marlin and Giant Trevally within the waters.

Up the coast a short drive or boat trip from Madang there are a number of surf camps and spots catering to seasoned and intrepid surfers that are looking for unpopulated breaks that other destinations can’t offer.

Annually in August Madang plays host to the Madang Cultural show where hundreds of tribes and ethnic groups gather from the surrounding areas and regions to take part in a huge ‘Sing Sing’. Men, women and children from various cultural groups are adorned with a rainbow of coloured feathers, beads, shells, and decorated with bold face and body paint. The drums and singing vibrate through the whole town and the swirling of grass skirts is electrifying. Whilst this is the best time to witness PNGs traditional culture in full swing, Sing Sings are a popular way for locals to celebrate important events, so it’s likely visitors will catch a glimpse of a Sing Singat other times in the year.

Madang is a peaceful town that offers a slice of the world where things haven’t changed. It’s a magical place where you can truly; relax, unwind and forget time.

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